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Allen Campbell began his culinary education at age 14 in Boston, and over the next 20 plus years in the food industry has developed a modern day philosophy for eating and lifestyle.

In 2009 while living in Miami and working in “traditional” high-end cuisine, Allen woke up to what became a debilitating lifestyle for a chef and made some drastic changes. He embraced the wellness culture he encountered there, took up exercise, adopted a primarily plant-based diet, and pursued organic stress relief through yoga and meditation. This transformation fundamentally altered his professional trajectory.

In 2012, Allen chose to leave the hospitality industry and follow his passion: cooking the foods he wanted people to eat. A year later, this decision led him back to Boston to become personal chef for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. During this time from 2013-2016, he fine-tuned his plant-based philosophy by taking the CNS Plant Based Nutrition Courseand dove deeper into the ancient food philosophies of Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. He recently co-authored the TB12 Nutrition Manual, a compilation of 89 seasonally inspired recipes.
Allen believes the role of the chef is evolving from simply feeding people palatable, well-presented food into providing nourishment that supports peoples’ physical, mental, and spiritual health. Modern-day chefs have the power to make a positive difference in society by making choices that help sustain the environment and the health of future generations.

While Allen continues to share his message through public speaking and the media he has taken on a new venture. He is collaborating with author Julie Loria and Major League Baseball to develop recipes for an exciting new cookbook. Eating well has become the new narrative around professional baseball and Allen plans to reach a new audience with familiar approach to nutrient-dense foods. The forthcoming cookbook will reveal how today’s top MLB superstars nourish their bodies through healthy eating. Due out in late 2017, the cookbook will include 80 recipes, lifestyle tips and interviews.

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