The Vegan Women Protecting the World's Second Largest Elephant Population


Damien spent his 20s in the Royal Australian Navy, risking his life to protect others - first as a Naval clearance diver, then as a sniper in an elite special forces unit. By 2009, burned out after three years in Iraq, he bought a one-way ticket to Africa for his next mission: Military skills to fight poaching.

For 7 years the team fought for wildlife using traditional methods. It worked but Mander felt it was not sustainable, believing there had to be another way. By 2017 and frustrated, he found himself forming the first nature reserve in the world to be managed and protected by women.

The recruits were survivors of domestic violence, single mothers, abandoned wives, and AIDS orphans. The instructors were skeptical, but the results spoke for themselves, as along the way the team made more than 100 arrests. Opinions and stereotypes were rapidly shattered in the male-dominated industry.

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Damien Mander