Talk | Ocean Life [NL]


After 30 years of diving and more than 5,000 hours under water in the most diverse ecosystems, Dos Winkel (1947) had clearly understood that the enormous decline of biodiversity in all ecosystems was the result of human activity." After frequent contact with marine biologists, marine ecologists, climate experts and other scientists, Dos decided to sell his good practice for orthopedic medicine (he is an orthopedic physiotherapist) and his teaching institute (International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine) to devote 100% of his time to the protection of oceans.
Ten years ago he founded the Sea First Foundation, an educational organization that teaches schools about the most diverse subjects that concern life on and in the water, from ocean acidification to marine welfare. All Sea First volunteers are vegetarian, but most are vegan. The reason is simple: the global animal industry is one of the most important factors responsible for many biodiversity loss, deforestation, ocean acidification and (hence) climate change.
In this lecture Dos will explain the link between the decline of the underwater life and the consumption behavior of human beings.This talk will be in dutch.

Speaking slot

Saturday, 17/11/18, 16:30 o┬┤clock


Dos Winkel