Why masculinity needs to be redefined for the sake of animals, the earth and our future. Maartje Borst & Lisette Kreischer, authors of the book MAN.EAT.PLANT, will be talking with Mark Kulsdom (cultural historian, former animal rights activist and CEO of The Dutch Weed Burger), Leo Venus (athlete, vlogger and medical scientist) and Jay Brave (vegan activist and entertainer). During this talk they will investigate in depth how issues like racism, gender, feminism, masculinity, patriarchy, speciesism, emancipation, animal rights and stereotyping are all connected when it comes to the creation of a vegan world and what needs to happen now to make this world reality. Is it time for a change? YES.


Samstag, 09.03.2019, 15:00 Uhr


Lisette Kreischer
Joel Bravette
Maartje Borst
Leo Venus
Mark Kulsdom